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Command centre of your collection allows you to visualise key metrics and keep tabs of latest activity.

  • Bird’s eye view of your collection
  • Statistics and metrics
  • Notifications and last activity


Tailor made by professionals for professionals. Take your collection management to the next level wherever you are.

  • Your collection overview at the tap of the finger
  • Optimised for mobile and desktop
  • Advance report handling

Collaborator seat

Whether you have a team of 2 or 200, our collaboration feature enables you to work seamlessly together.

  • Let your crew keep your garage up to date
  • Secured by two-factor authentication
  • Track all actions via notification panel


Get rid of your spread sheets and keep your data all in one place for easy access.

  • Ultimate data privacy and security, you are in full control
  • Upload, organise and search your data
  • Automatic backups


Only pay for what you use. At the end of each monthly billing period, we tally your crew seats and garage slots, then give you a heads-up and bill accordingly. Simple and transparent.

Your first Garage Slot is completely free. This offer is unlimited. You can test DRIVEN with 1 car as long as you need.

Garage slots

Select how many garage slots you need.

Base subscription

Starting from the second car

$49.95 unlimited

Garage slots

First slot is always free

  • $ 15.95 per slot, for 2-30 slots
  • $ 12.95 per slot, for 31-100 slots
  • $ 9.95 per slot, for 100+

Collaborator seat

$19.95 per seat

Price per car


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  • You own your data
  • 100% Swiss Servers
  • Full document encryption


  • Access on the go
  • Optimised for all devices
  • Real time update & synchronization


  • Tailor made
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Advanced exports
DRIVENSpreadsheetsCloud driveCompetitors *1
Tailor-made collection
management features
Unattached to marketplaces
Ultimate privacy protection
Document storage & encryption
Mobile and desktop optimised *2
PricingFlat fee + pay per
garage slot
licence feestorage based subscriptiontiers (pay upfront) / free*3
Multimedia management
Collection dashboard
Crew collaboration mode
Customizable reports
*1 Compared to Custodian and Car Collector
*2 Car Collector mobile only
*3 Free-of-charge platforms monetise by offering adjacent services based on user data

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DRIVEN by Francisco Fernandez

Built with passion and expertise

DRIVEN is a tailor-made solution for true car collectors and the concept bears the signature of someone who knows what he’s talking about. Francisco Fernandez is the most successful Swiss serial entrepreneur of his time. His former flagship company, Avaloq, has left a lasting mark on the global banking industry by providing the world’s leading banking software that handles over 150 trillion in bankable assets. 

DRIVEN is all about his great passion: beautiful, fast and special cars. As one of the most important collectors in the world, he is the driving force behind our unique and well thought-out collection management solution that meets the highest demands of collectors like him. 

“I couldn’t find an acceptable solution for my collection management. So I decided to build one that’s groundbreaking.”— Francisco Fernadez, Co-Founder

More about Francisco’s live as entrepreneur and car enthusiast 

  • Founder of Avaloq – the provider of the world’s leading banking software
  • Passionate car collector with collection worth over $350 million
  • Owner of the Ascari Race Resort in Andalucia, Spain
  • Founder of Racing Unleashed
  • Serial Entrepreneur with diverse investments in various successful companies worldwide