Excite your customers.
Elevate your business.

Our fully customizable software enables you to bring your services online and directly to your customers.

Why Driven

Driven is crafted to seamlessly serve both individual consumers and organizations overseeing assets on wheels. It’s the ideal software for those looking to streamline operations and enhance management, whether you’re part of a family office, a private bank, handling car storage, or offering car curation and concierge services.

Your customers

  • Real-time cockpit view of collections in their hands
  • Instant, powerful reporting capabilities
  • Consistent history for every vehicle
  • AI-driven insights for enriched data

Your business

  • Seamless management from your admin access
  • Monetization by choice
  • All your services directly online bookable
  • Managing of car collection on behalf of your customers

Excite your customers.

Digital Garage

No more spreadsheets. All their assets on wheels in a fully refined digital experience

  • 100% web and cloud based
  • Simple and easy to use, anywhere – anytime
  • Encrypted with the highest safety standards
    incl. 2 Factor Authentication

Powered by AI

Powerful AI integrations make time-consuming documentation task easy

  • AI-based data enrichment
  • AI-based valuation (BETA)
  • Automated content curation

Maximizing the value of the collectibles

Unleash the full potential of your complete collection

  • Powerful reporting in real time
  • Individualized detail pages for each vehicle
  • Data Vault to preserve vehicles history

Protection and security

The highest safety standards have top priority at Driven

  • Full document encryption
  • 100% Swiss Servers
  • No compromises in data ownership

Elevate your business.

Under your brand

Your Logo – Your Colors – Make Driven look like you developed the application

  • Adjustment of the color schemes
  • Logo integration
  • Complete white labeling

Monetize by choice

Offer a product that your customers will love. On your terms.

  • Direct service offering on the Driven platform
  • Customizable asset management fees
  • Fees based on assets under management or profits
  • Scalable billing to fit your business model

Offer your services

Let your customers book additional services directly online.

  • Easy insertion of fully customizable services
  • Based on the vehicle concerned
  • Automated documentation in the logbook

Getting data in order

Clearly structured collections make your life easier.

  • All key figures in one place
  • Less clarification work with your customers
  • Digital documentation of your services
  • Instant overview of all your customers

Be part

Join an exclusive circle that inspires
its customers with DRIVEN

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